RUN4HOPE June 26, 2021

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Run4Hope is MountainChild’s Annual 5k & 10K Run. It exists to rally MountainChild supporters from around the world to raise continued awareness and resources for humanitarian work in the most remote, Tibetan villages of the Himalayas.

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what is run4hope?

Run4Hope is MountainChild’s Annual 5k & 10K Run. It exists to rally MountainChild supporters from around the world to raise continued awareness and resources for humanitarian work in the most remote, Tibetan villages of the Himalayas. All proceeds go to fund remote clean water and educational programs, anti-trafficking and child labor initiatives, and other development projects across the Himalayas.

We hope Run4Hope becomes a family tradition for years to come!

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Live June 26th 2021

Our Goal

5 times for 5 core issues

Distance (Total Covered: 0km)

Times Across Nepal
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  • 5


Elevation (Total Elevation: 0ft)

Everest Climbed
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Drinks Consumed

Drinks Consumed

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Position First Name Surname Distance Ran
1 David Huber 88km
2 Garrett Schopper 86.26km
3 Eric Dufour 48km
4 John Woolley 48km
5 Johnathan Merle 47km
6 Bubba Crowder 43.61km
7 Bob Schwarz 35km
8 Bryan Lowe III 32km
9 Paul Howell 27km
10 Max Willett 25km
Position First Name Surname Time
1 David Garner 19:29
2 Blair Dickhoner 21:22
3 Steven Pettus 23:19
4 Julie Mobbs 23:35
5 Neal Ousley 23:48
6 Mikayla Alley 24:10
7 Wendy Garner 24:51
8 Yulia Borodynska 25:00
9 Pasha Sagach 25:00
10 Amy Martinez 25:00
11 Mark Guberman 25:29
12 Grant Knisely 25:57
13 Emily Thrash 26:03
14 Allison Hanson 26:11
15 Sarah Wheeler 26:20
16 Aaron Mibus 26:30
17 Paul Bullard 26:50
18 Jake Ham 27:15
19 Austin Therrell 27:15
20 Emery Feist 27:19
21 Kyla Hicks 27:19
22 Jeff Hicks 27:19
23 Lindsey Hicks 27:19
24 Kenna Hicks 27:19
25 Sheri Payton 27:30
26 Aaron Mibus 27:40
27 Aaron Norris 27:45
28 Katherine Mobbs 27:58
29 Chris Hunsberger 28:00
30 Zoe Gephart 28:13
31 Samantha Below 28:15
32 Maddie Hunsberger 28:19
33 Bob Oldfield 28:19
34 Thomas Shappie 28:30
35 Jim Wulliman 28:33
36 Kiley Ham 28:57
37 morgan alley 29:00
38 Rob Howell 29:33
39 Alyse Rodich 29:55
40 Taylor May 30:00
41 molly juergensen 30:00
42 Luke Juergensen 30:00
43 Casey Willett 30:08
44 Tyler Grissom 30:52
45 Mike Dorman 31:00
46 Shae Walton 31:14
47 Jennifer McEvoy 31:30
48 Forrest Callicutt 31:36
49 Thomas Stewart 31:59
50 Loral Epp 32:09
51 April Dukes 32:09
52 Max Baller 32:20
53 Lindsey McCloy 32:44
54 Tricia Vincent 32:45
55 Hannah Gibson 32:50
56 Elijah Gibson 32:50
57 Darcy Hendricks 32:53
58 Allie Coppedge 33:00
59 Ellen Platt 33:05
60 Mark Guberman 33:08
61 David Bains 33:27
62 Dawn Wheeler 33:31
63 Regan Waldron 33:35
64 Clint Waldron 33:35
65 Jennifer McEvoy - 2nd 5k of the day :) 34:12
67 Kelsey Svetlik 34:33
68 Chris Tagert 34:36
69 Dallas Carlisle 35:00
70 Ragan Funkhouser 35:04
71 Chris Warren 35:12
72 Susan Johnson 35:21
73 Ashley Yingling 35:36
74 Josiah Yingling 35:36
75 Jordan Hajru 35:36
76 Tyler Harju 35:36
77 Basil Holloway 35:44
78 Jacqui Thomas 36:00
79 Olivia Hunsberger 36:00
80 Jason Walton 36:00
81 Lindsay Norris 36:06
82 Nicole Smith 36:36
83 Daniel Kratt 36:43
84 Joshua Herring 36:52
85 LeAnna Herring 36:52
86 Katrina Volberding 36:52
87 Nicole Smith 36:56
88 Abigail Hunsberger 37:02
89 Chad Hunsberger 37:02
90 Kelly Pak 37:02
91 Tina Bergman 37:17
92 David Karmazin 37:32
93 Hannah Dozeman 37:45
94 Ryan Caffrey 38:07
95 Jennafer Larsen 38:30
96 Payton Garnsey 38:40
97 Gerald Rossi 38:50
98 Young-Ho Pak 39:02
99 Valeru Caffrey 39:08
100 Jenna Sweezey 39:36
101 Gabe Luna 39:54
102 Joe Juergensen 40:00
103 Cara Juergensen 40:00
104 Jimmy Segrest 40:47
105 Vicki Thorp 42:14
106 Tiffany Clark 42:50
107 Karlye Louritt 43:11
108 Courtney Duncan 45:00
109 Patty Holmes 45:00
110 Caleb Duncan 45:00
111 Abigail Duncan 45:00
112 Eli Duncan 45:00
113 Carrie Whitlock 45:00
114 Josh Duncan 45:00
115 Debbie Alley 45:10
116 Rachel Zimmer 45:22
117 Raandi Warren 45:27
118 Valerie AuBuchon 45:50
119 Valerie AuBuchon 45:50
120 Charchit Piya 46:31
121 Geno Lucas 47:23
122 Tyler Karns 47:44
123 Jaclyn Carlisle 48:00
124 Scott Seney 48:00
125 Jenny Izang 48:00
126 Champ Hunsberger 48:52
127 Jaclyn Carlisle 49:31
128 Gabrielle Oldfield 50:10
129 Shea Thomas 50:11
130 Tiffany Crenshaw 50:16
131 Suyog Ghimire 50:55
132 Gabriella Barnes 51:11
133 Jennifer Hunsberger 52:25
134 Jeff Luna 52:49
135 Laura Schwarz 53:05
136 Kendra Figueroa 54:23
137 Frank Figueroa 55:00
138 Taylor Alley 55:55
139 Trisha Shappie 57:00
140 Thomas Shappie 57:00
141 Madelyn Schwarz 57:38
142 Chantel Edwards 59:17
143 Michellle Davis 59:48
144 Nathan Frank 59:48
145 Jack Reid 60:00
146 Sarah Ghimire 60:00
147 Laura Reid 60:00
148 Jill Booher 60:00
149 CP Martinez 60:00
150 Jin Park 64:45
151 Adeline Flower 67:01
152 Ellen Goad 68:28
153 Amiah Goad 68:32
154 Katie White 68:56
155 Adam Platt 70:46
156 Frank Urrea 74:10
157 Brad Dillman 74:10
158 Audrey Baller 75:00
159 Jeff Baller 75:00
160 Maya marie Gurung 78:10
161 Sujan Ghimire 78:10
162 A Tucker 80:00
163 E Tucker 80:00
164 Caitlin MacHutchon 80:00
165 Tiffany Platt 80:00
166 Ashley Schroller 80:00
167 Sarai Smith 80:00
168 Aaron Green 90:00
169 Adrienne Green 90:00
170 Gabriela Azar 90:00
171 Don Erickson 90:01
172 Sonam Lama 97:36
173 Joy Brien 29:44.18
174 Steve Brien 29:44.18
175 Frank Urrea 104:00
176 Tyler Rodseth 119:19
177 Jordan Rodseth 119:19
178 Britani Franklin 120:00
179 Addie Murphey 120:19
180 Britton Murphey 120:19
181 Xela Murphey 120:19
182 Sarah Murphey 120:19
Position First Name Surname Time
1 Nick Tozier 42:50
2 Alex Liston 44:01
3 David Leister 44:30
4 Lee Dukes 46:23
5 Miko Patterson 48:10
6 Frankie Harness 49:19
7 Austin Hagood 50:37
8 Diego Caldera 51:04
9 Heath Kennedy 51:22
10 Steven Pritt 53:17
11 Jamey Nettles 53:35
12 Evan Weinberg 54:10
13 Chris Hawkinson 54:12
14 Timothy Callicutt 55:05
15 Gary Ford 56:09
16 Mary Todd Moseley 56:12
17 David Leavins 56:34
18 David Huber 57:03
19 John Kearns 57:04
20 Jared Neal 57:08
21 Wren Aaron 58:09
22 Brad Williams 58:09
23 Brian Keeter 58:09
24 Jake Smith 58:55
25 Brian Stamer 59:00
26 Luke Kohler 60:00
27 Landon Kohler 60:00
28 Marc Kohler 60:00
29 Lauren Kohler 60:00
30 Leigh Kohler 60:00
31 Andrew Harness 60:23
32 Kimberly Davidson 61:21
33 Erin Sneller 62:18
34 John Flynn 62:55
35 Brandon Schadek 64:20
36 Lisa Bessette 65:08
37 Ashley Vaughan 66:09
38 Marissa Stamer 67:36
39 Jeffrey White 68:12
40 Liz Patterson 68:22
41 Lance Caffrey 68:33
42 Alex Caffrey 68:33
43 Mark Flower 69:40
44 Michael Davidson 72:29
45 Amy Humphreys 73:52
46 Nicole Rose 74:55
47 Garrett Seney 79:00
48 Chris Hess 85:48
49 Anna Seney 102:24
50 Cindy Syrett 106:41
51 Martin Syrett 106:41
52 Mark Thrall 107:27
53 Ryan Gibbs 130:48
54 Jamie Gibbs 132:24
55 Christian Edwards 134:31
56 Eunice Ra 180:00
57 Angie Nguyen 270:00
Position First Name Surname Elevation
1 Bob Schwarz 5789ft
2 Drew Harper 5234ft
3 Ashlee Franklin 4235ft
4 Angela Chaplin 4100ft
5 Patty Holmes 3500ft
6 Megan Terry 3500ft
7 Karlene Salazar 3500ft
8 Jennifer Crites 3500ft
9 Matthew Bond 3146ft
10 Austin DeLoney 3146ft
Position First Name Surname Drinks
1 Bruce Rouse 14
2 Bubba Crowder 14
3 Drew Harper 13
4 Tyler Chamberlain 12
5 Emily Fredrickson 10.5
6 Jessica Sorensen 10
7 Shaun Walker 10
8 Margaret Goodman 10
9 Charity Ruch 8
10 Rich Loos 8

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what's the impact?

All proceeds from MountainChild’s Annual Run4Hope fund humanitarian projects in the most remote villages in the Himalayas. Over the last 6 years, the impact has added up. Check it out below!

How can i get involved?


The 7th Annual Run4Hope is going Virtual! That's good news! Join us from wherever you are and challenge your friends to do the same. Walk, run, hike, or chill... and carry hope to the Himalayas while you're at it!


Run4Hope 2021 is going virtual! Which means you don't need to live in Colorado to help! Contact us to find out how you can help!


Sponsorship is a great way to get exposure for your business while making an impact for those in the Himalayas. We have a variety of sponsorship levels and would love for you to join us. Click below and we will be in touch!

Virtual Race Details

One of our favorite components to our Run4Hope is that you can be anywhere, in any state, or in any country and raise awareness and resources for the life-giving work in the Himalayas. Through our virtual race, our supporters from around the country and world will take to the streets, sidewalks, or trails to celebrate with us. You can participate on your own, or get a group of friends together to walk, run, or just sleep-in for the children of Nepal. If you live in the USA, registration includes a race packet that includes an event T-Shirt and Finisher Medal. International Participants will receive printable promotional materials.


Fully Supported Race
Officially Timed Race
Event T-shirt
Finisher Medal
Event Sponsor Swag
Event Bag with Other Materials

100% of the proceeds from the Run4Hope fund humanitarian programs and projects in Nepal. This includes, but is not limited to, clean water initiatives, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) programs, funding of schools and education for children, health posts, and anti-trafficking initiatives. Our ambition is to be the best steward of the resources entrusted to us in hopes that it results in the greatest impact for those in the Himalayas.

The 5K and 10K run/walk will be a chip timed, certified race with awards for top finishers. Awards will be presented following the completion of our 5k Event.

Timing chips need to be attached to your running shoes with the included twist ties. Bibs should be attached to the front of your shirt across your stomach with the included safety pins.

Top 3 Female + 3 Male Finishers for both the 5K + 10K Events

Top 3 Under 12 for the 5K Event


No. This is a family event and we encourage everyone to participate at any level.

This course consists of mainly trail surface made of crusher fines. It is a mostly flat course. We will have volunteers along the route helping to cheer you. It is a looped course:
5k | 2 Laps
10k| 4 Laps

Baby strollers are allowed but please start near the back of the corral to avoid obstructing other runners.

Yes. All areas of the live event are accessible as well as the course.

They are unisex so they tend to run a little bigger.

If you need a different sized shirt, please bring it to the registration table on the day of the event. We are happy to change it out if there are extras available.

Leashed dogs are welcome.

Yes. Just be aware of other racers passing you.

Race results will be available the evening of June 27th. All participants will receive an email with the appropriate link.

Yes, they are located just north of the race start in the Broncos Parkway Trailhead.

No, there are not bathrooms on the course itself. Only at the live event venue.

February 1st, 2020

Yes, day of registration is available. In order to expedite your registration, please bring CASH, CREDIT CARD or CHECK to register. We will accept credit cards but registration will take a little longer.

All registration pricing is available HERE.

No, the cost of registration is not. But all donations upon registration are. Donation receipts are distributed from RaceRoster.

We do provide an early packet pick-up a couple days before the event. More details of the location and time to be provided closer to the event by email.

Yes. But cost changes may be applicable.

If you can't make it to the early packet pickup, don't worry! Your race packet will be available the morning of the event. If you decide to wait, we recommend that you arrive early enough to obtain it and be ready for the race. Please arrive approximately 30 minutes (minimum) to 1 hour before your event.

No. But we do host an Early Packet Pick-Up the week before the event.

No. You are not required to show an ID in order to pick up your event packet.

Yes. You may pick up packets for other family members or friends who have registered.

Yes, but fees may be applicable.

There are no refunds for this event.

Below is the schedule of events for the morning. There are different start times for the various races.

  • 6:00 am - Registration & Packet Pick-up Opens
  • 7:00 am - 10K Race Start
  • 7:30 am - 5K Race Start
  • 8:30 am - Raffle and Giveaways
  • 9:00 am - Post Race Celebration and Awards

Please arrive approximately 30 minutes (minimum) to 1 hour before your event, especially if you need to register or pick up your event packet.

Yes! This is a family event and we encourage anyone to come and enjoy the day!

Yes. You will need to be present at the Post Race Celebration to receive the prize.

Yes. We will have a water station at the halfway point of the loop and water at the start/finish line.


We have a first aid station and professionals available to assist. Emergency aid will respond as needed.

This event is held rain, snow, or shine. Come prepared for everything. You can easily access your car to grab or leave items.

We have volunteers working throughout the entire event and they will be wearing color coordinated Run4Hope tshirts different from the race shirt. Feel free to ask them or you can always come to the MountainChild booth.

Access into the event is from either Broncos Parkway or Parker Road. The access from Broncos Parkway is only available to those driving east bound. The access from Parker Road is only available to those driving south bound. We would recommend accessing the venue from the Broncos Parkway. Here are more details:

  • Eastbound on Broncos Parkway - Just take a right into Tagawa Gardens and the Broncos Parkeway Trailhead.
  • Westbound on Broncos Parkway (i.e. off of Parker Road) - You will need to pass over bridge and do a U-Turn at the next intersection. Go back over the bridge and take a right into Tagawa Gardens and the Broncos Parkway Trailhead.
  • Northbound on Parker Road - At the intersection of Broncos Parkway, do a U-Turn and take an immediate right into the access of Tagawa Gardens and Big Horn Landscape.
  • Southbound on Parker Road - Go through the intersection of Broncos Parkway and take an immediate right into the access of Tagawa Gardens and Big Horn Landscape.

We will have parking attendants directing you to the Event Parking Area. Please be mindful of this and respectful to Tagawa Gardens, who is allowing us to use their property.

You do not need a wallet at the event, but there will be sponsors and vendors with items for sale. Feel free to leave valuables locked in your car and access them after your race as needed.

We want to see your pictures! Please send your pictures to [email protected]. Share them on social media using #MCRun4Hope.

If you have a chip to return, please place the chip in a padded envelope and return to avoid a fee:
Colorado Race Timing, LLC
7637 S. Williams St.
Centennial, CO 80122

We will keep your event packet and shirt at our office for one week after the event. You can come by and pick it up. If you give us a heads up by emailing [email protected], we can make sure to have it ready for you when you arrive.

We have received a few personal questions about donating to MountainChild's efforts and the event. As such, we wanted to let everyone know that there are options to give:

  • ONLINE - You can donate directly to MountainChild using our website.
  • AT THE EVENT - You can give at the event as well. Please visit the MountainChild booth.
  • Donate to a Participant - You can also give on behalf of individuals who are participating in the event and help them raise resources for Nepal. Visit Donate to a Participant to give on their behalf
  • TEAMS - TEAMS - Teams have also been created! Some teams are raising additional funds to help with education, clean water, and anti-trafficking initiatives. Visit the Teams Page to support a specific team!

Yes. We encourage you to utilize the Donate to a Participant feature! You can direct supports here to support your race financially.

Yes. Teams can be created during registration.

We will notify all past participants when next year’s race is on the calendar.

Our supporters from around the country and world will take to the streets to celebrate with us. You can participate on your own, or get a group of friends together to walk or run for the children of Nepal.

There are many people who would love to participate in live event but don’t live close to it. A virtual race allows anyone to be a voice, to raise awareness and to carry hope for those in the Himalayas. It makes a difference and impact. What we started as just a way for people to “sleep-in” has turned into one of our favorite parts of the race and now our community is in almost every state, in many countries, and continues to grow.

The Virtual Race has only now been expanded and enhanced in light of COVID19 and provides a great way to engage, run/walk, and make an impact when we cannot gather in large groups! The Virtual Race is a signature part of the event!

If you live in the USA, registration includes a race packet that includes an event t-shirt, finisher medal, buff, and more. International participants will receive printable promotion material.

If you live in the US, we will send out your packets approximately 2 weeks prior to the event so that it has plenty of time (hopefully) to arrive.

Map out a 5K or 10K, a fun hike, or whatever. Put on your shirt. Grab your phone or a camera. Don’t forget the sign and then Run4Hope. As you do it, take a picture and send it to us! In addition, we would love if you can share it online and tag us using #MCRun4Hope.

We want to see your pictures! Please send your pictures to [email protected].

Yes. You can create Virtual Teams from the registration page.

The earlier the better. We would recommend being registered at least 2 weeks prior to the event!

We will package it all together with your race gear and send you a single package with everything inside.

We are encouraging all participants to download the ASICS Run Keeper app to track your time, distance and elevation gain. It is a simple, easy to use tracker that connects directly with our run platform. As we know there are many apps, please know that you can use any app or system you would like to track your information.

As we are not having a live event this year, no designated trail is being provided. Feel free to run, walk or hike anywhere you want!

No! If you would like to just relax on the day of the event, that is just fine! We are encouraging EVERYONE to participate and make the day what they want it to be.

With a goal to cover the distance of Nepal five times over and climb the elevation of Mt. Everest five times, we are combining all participant’s activity into one database. In addition, we are offering awards for top finishers, longest distance, most elevation, and more. Your information is important for us to reach our goal and helps to create the community that has always been an essential component to the Run4Hope.

After you are done participating:

  • Go to
  • Select the "Share Your Run"
  • Enter race code, which will be sent to you privately by email days before the event
  • Enter the details about your run

Yes. We will be sharing the final numbers for the race with all participants and on all our social media!

Yes! As we are working on a goal to cover the distance of Nepal five times over and climb the elevation of Mt. Everest five times, the more you do, the quicker we can reach our goal.

This year’s event runs for 24 hours! Feel free to participate anytime in those 24 hours.

Our website will have a live dashboard, updating our progress throughout the day. We will also be having multiple social media posts, videos and updates for the day of the event. Keep engaged and check in often to see how the event is progressing. In addition, we will have a celebratory event at 7:00 pm MST on the day of the event. We will share about the impact, the details, and so much more from the days event.

Yes but participation alone is helping to carry hope to the children of Himalayas For some, the Run For Hope can also provide you an even greater platform to raise awareness and resources and we would love to encourage you to increase awareness and impact by crowdfunding. Use this link - - or the personal link associated with your registration to send to individuals about your participation, but importantly, your heart and passion for why you are participating with your friends, co-workers, family, and network. Invite them to make pledges on your behalf right on this website and thus allow them to join in a community of difference makers who are all carrying hope to the children of the Himalayas. A small amount of $5, $10, $20 or more in your name you can help fund materials for projects and programs. For example, you could set a goal for $500 so that 10 families in the remote villages of the Himalayas now can have access to clean, safe drinking water! Here are some other examples of how a pledge can make an impact:

  • $10 - Art supplies for a single girl in the Create Hop Art Program
  • $12 - Feminine Hygiene Bag
  • $25 - Medical supplies for a health post
  • $50 - Clean Water Filter for a Family
  • $60 - Education for a child for a month

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to involve your network of friends and family. Together we can create greater, lasting change and carry hope to the children and villagers in the Himalayas.

Yes! People are welcome to join in on the day of the event. They can register online and will receive their packet by mail after the event is completed.

Share, share, share! Best way to spread the word about the event is to share posts on social media, email friends, send a text or make a phone call. You are our best advocates for getting the word out there!

Click on Volunteer above under the “How Can I Get Involved” and fill out the information. We will then be in touch with you to get the volunteer process going.

Yes. We will typically have bagels, bananas, water and coffee available.

No and we have volunteer activities for all ages. However, children under 18 should be accompanied with an adult.

Hat, sunscreen, water bottle, comfortable shoes, and a smile.

Yes, we have volunteer activities before and after the race that we would love for you to help with.

Yes. Please bring the appropriate forms you need signed and we can verify community service hours.

Depending on the role and responsibility and your time availability, we have varying time slots that range from between 1 hour to the entire event.

All volunteers need to check in at the Volunteer Table before beginning their shift.

Yes, depending on availability.

At MountainChild we absolutely love our volunteers and consider them to be part of our team. The day is fast paced and very fun! Your job will be very well explained and easy to do.

Yes! We would love to have your group volunteer for the event. Contact the volunteer director at [email protected] for availability.

We recommend comfortable shoes and layers depending on the weather. Volunteers also receive a special t-shirt for helping and to be recognized during the event. We would love for you to wear the shirt during the event.

Before the day of the event, please email [email protected]. On the day of the event, please call or text the Volunteer Program Director at 303-929-3671.

If you are planning to provide promotional materials or coupons to have included in the Race Day Event Bags or wish to contribute a Raffle Item please make sure we have all items delivered by June 5th, 2020.

We are planning for 400+ participants this years live event. To be safe, we would like you to provide us a quantity of 500. This will allow margin for last minute registrations. If extras remain, we will happily return all items following the event upon request.

Please let us know if you would like extra event items returned and we will be happy to give them back after the race.

We love promoting and thanking our sponsors by providing space for them at the event. An event booth is not required, but we encourage all sponsors to be a part of the day.

The Run4Hope Team will coordinate sponsor booth locations and provide a map the day of the event.

Sponsors at the Gold Level or higher will be given one 6 foot long sized table to use for the booth. Tents are not provided, but you are welcome to bring them to use.

Yes. We do have access to electricity for the event. Please let us know in advance if you will be needing electrical access so we can place you in an appropriate location.

We hope this raffle provides incentive for participants to interact and engage with all of our sponsors. We want them in your booth engaging with your company. We would love for you to consider providing a raffle item that is unique to your business? We hope it's fun for all involved. MountainChild will provide a raffle gift in the event you do not want to provide one. Also, we will provide a raffle jar and tickets at the event so that you can provide them to people who interact with you. This encourages people to visit you and only those that do will be eligible for the raffle prize for your table.

Yes. We have many volunteers for the event who will be there to help all the sponsors as they set up and take down.

If your sponsorship did, you should have received an email shortly after your sponsorship confirmation that included a unique discount code. We hope you will use those as an opportunity to invite your staff, fellow community leaders, and friends of your business! We know it will be a great event and we want them to be there!

Depending on the sponsorship level, yes. You should have received an email shortly after your sponsorship confirmation that included a unique discount code. This company specific registration code was given to help you invite your people. We really do want them there! Do you have family and friends you'd like to share this event with? Or would your customers benefit from a discounted registration? Please share it with them! If you need us to send that to you again -- please email us!

MountainChild Website | MountainChild’s website to learn all about who we are.
MountainChild Run4Hope | Send people here to register
MountainChild Facebook | Follow us here so we can tag you during the event.
MountainChild Instagram | Follow us here so we can tag you during the event.

As this event continues to spread, so does the story of MountainChild and the work being done in the Himalayas... thank you for helping us get the word out!

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected].

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected].

As this event continues to spread, so does the story of MountainChild and the work being done in the Himalayas... thank you for helping us get the word out!