Virtual race details

What you need to know


Unpack your event swag

Event clothes
Event clothes

Download a running app

Download your favorite app to track your time, distance, and elevation. We recommend using the ASICS Runkeeper or Strava.


Lace up...

Lace up your shoes and get outdoors. Go for a run, walk or hike and track your details. If you are one for relaxing and ‘sleeping in’ enjoy a tea or coffee and watch the live dashboard here.

Live dashboard

Take some pictures

In all situations, take some pictures with the Run4Hope sign provided. Post pictures to social media using the hashtag:



Share your run

Go to Select share my run and enter the race code:


We want to know your distance, elevation, time and number of drinks.

Then watch the live dashboard update with your details. Adding your results helps us in reaching our distance, height, and drink goals of 5 Nepal’s (4,425 km horizontal distance), 5 Mt. Everest’s (145,145 vertical feet), and 1000 drinks (just because). When you share your details, you will be entered into a raffle. We are giving away twenty (20) $25 gift cards.


Stay Connected

Stay connected throughout the day, encourage others and continue to be a voice. Post pictures to social media using the hashtag:



Carry hope

This is what it is all about. You are a difference maker for those living in the remote, mountainous villages of Nepal. We are grateful for your participation in carrying hope to the children of the Himalayas!

Matching gift

Our generous sponsor, The Solomon Foundation, believes in hope and making an impact in the Himalayas. They have graciously provided a matching donation of $10,000 towards this year’s Run4Hope. It is generosity that spurs generosity. It is giving that will tangibly increase impact and additional hope. So, when you give to the Run4Hope, whether it be $5, $50, $500 or another amount, it will be doubled up to $10,000. The impact of your gift is multiplied and hope is elevated even higher. Give today and double the impact.